The adoption of specialist, technology-based solutions to replace largely manual and disconnected processes is critical to responding to the current challenges of the ever-changing fashion industry. This made Fast Fashion solution to introduce a future proof solution the TRACKING TOOL.

Our Tracking tool provides the best-in- class tracking fuctionality. Developed Specifically for the fashion Industry, our tracking tool supports tracking, streamlining and integration of the key product design and development process. This results in significant improvements in visibility, coordination and control.

Why Our Tracking Tool?

  • Supply chain visibility & improved communication to ultimately
  • Succeed in the climate of exponential growth
  • Higher scale of operations
  • Lower error rates
  • Real time information on samples & materials tracking
  • Improved product quality
  • Lower cost
  • Workflow and scheduling for style tracking
  • Better coloration with suppliers
  • Stops Quality problems inline
  • 100% web-based application