By using the various tools provided by Optitex 3D, design, develop and manufacture your entire collection through each step of the creation process in one seamless workflow.

Some of the features of OPTITEX 3D includes:

  1. Unique solution that combines powerful 2D design and true to life 3D visualization in a single platform.
  2. Customize fabric and textures- you can Visualize fabric and colorways, print patterns and graphic placement.
  3. A pattern making software seamlessly create digital patterns and produce pattern sizing while eliminating hundreds of manual steps in the design and development process.
  4. Marker Making- Optimizing the marker layout and save valuable time and resources by optimizing your use of fabric.


Fast Fashion Solutions is an Authorized training partner for EFI optitex 3D software. Creating True-to-Life realistic garment is now easier than ever before. Learn how the cutting edge tool connects the entire supply chain through Digital Innovation.

We provide exclusive training service for OPTITEX 3D Software.

  1. Advance Training in latest OPTITEX version 0/18. Features Include:
    * Pattern Making Suite
    * 3D Product Creation Suite
    * Marker Making Suite
    * Cutting Room Optimization Suite
  2. 3D Visualization of the Garments
  3. Modelling fabric fall or drape Stimulation
  4. Customize Fabric & Textures
  5. 2D/3D alignment
  6. Work Flow between PLM to 2D to 3D


Flexible Timings/Crash Course
Training by Industry Experts & 3D Experts
Cost Effective
Various 3D Interface