Flex Plm

Flex PLM is a leading software designed for retail, footwear, apparel (RFA) as well as the consumer and packaging goods (CPG) industry. This Comprehensive platform helps to manage the product lifecycle from concept to consumer. FlexPLM enables the companies to manage the entire product development process, from assortment planning to design, to full specifications, to sourcing to costing and pre-order confirmation.

With our specialized knowledge base and skill set in the domain, we help you maximize the Value of a Flex PLM. What we do best is deliver a combination of our expertise and the technology to suit the client’s unique industry requirements. We provide comprehensive support to best utilize the PLM capabilities to help address your Industry challenges and everyday business problems.

Just some of Flex PLM’s Benefits:

  1. Ensure Optimal ROI
  2. Greater Visibility throughout the lifecycle process
  3. Better workflow and greater productivity
  4. More efficient collaborations between internal teams and external partners.