Digital Products

Value based solutions to enhance your overall efficiencies and performance

With years of industry experience, Fast fashion Solutions provide digital products and services that will help in increasing operational efficiencies and providing much needed data analysis and tracking components exclusively for the fast changing and highly competitive fashion industry.


Reducing Design and Development Lead time

  • A lot of time is consumed in searching the product data
  • Target times are extremely tight and buyers expect to be able to see now, buy now
  • Having single version of truth is critical different departments present different figures on the same data
  • Limited process visibility
  • Lack of control over product developments
  • Our tool’s single Design and Development Dashboard to collaborate all the stakeholders and communicate in real- time and Gain transparency in collaboration
  • Effective reusability of product data and a quick search on Season, Material, Color, Style, etc to access the key data
  • Increase in adaptability ratio and efficient assortment planning by using Product dashboards
  • Raw material consolidation across all buyers/divisions based on the material requirements
  • Increase access to data through our 100% web-based tools

Reducing Work Flow errors

  • Multiple points of communication
  • Limited process visibility
  • Not centralized
  • Multiple versions
  • Lack of control over product developments
  • Workflow and scheduling for style tracking through our digital tool
  • Real time information on samples and materials tracking by using our digital tool
  • Higher scale of operations
  • Supply chain visibility and improved communication to ultimately succeed in the climate of exponential growth using our tool
  • Lower error rates
  • Better coloration with suppliers on a single dashboard in our digital tool

Reducing Quality/ Alteration Errors

  • Large scale operations and lack of control over quality audit performance
  • Higher level alterations at the inline and end-line
  • Mismatched audit results from inline to final inspection
  • Lack of visibility to defect analysis and factory/lines performance
  • Delayed reporting on quality audit issues /failures
  • QA supervisor/factory managers can manage audit workloads and performance efficiently through our quality audit dashboard tool
  • History on all audits-buyer, style and factory vise through our tool
  • Quick performance analysis of audits through our QA tool dashboard-Real time data capturing on inline, end-line, finishing and final inspection defects
  • Effective defect analysis factory/line vise

Techpack Data Management Errors

  • Too many files and documentations on Techpacks through emails, word and spreadsheets, etc resulting in unstructured data accumulation
  • Too many versions of Techpack and access to the latest version is a challenge
  • Lack of communication on Techpack changes and visibility
  • Duplicate efforts on time, hard copy/print-out, costs, etc.
  • Single Dashboard for all Techpack Versions through our tool
  • Quick Search on Material, Product, Color, Buyer, Buyer Division, Season, Factory, etc through our tool
  • Organized Product/Style Data – All stakeholders communicate in real-time through our tool
  • Avoids too many print outs and duplicate efforts with our tool

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