Digital Learning

A subtle transformation to industry ready

Through years of experience, we Fast fashion Solutions understands the industry requirements and try to mold the young generation to that. We make a subtle transformation to “Industry Ready”. We offer various digital e-learning programs and boot camps for the young university graduates to give them a glimpse of the industry norms and working requirements.


“A Need for Project Ready Resources to Minimize Time & Effort”

  1. Knowledge of workflows, roles & responsibilities in the industry like Sample approvals, follow-ups, Buyer requirements, BOM, Costing, Techpacks, etc.
  2. Understanding of new innovations in Product Design and Development.
  3. Knowledge of Digital tools to manage Design and Development Process in an efficient manner.
  4. Better domain knowledge before entering the real world/market.
  5. Staying updated with the Industry technologies and the global market trends.


How Will You Benefit?
“Enabling Resources by Providing Industry like Exposure Digitally Through Projects & Submissions”

  1. Various kinds of services for the input’s requirements in the industry.
  2. Industry Design and development workflow.
  3. Collaboration of Departments, Roles and Functions during the Product design and development.
  4. Digitization of Product design and development process & management life cycle.
  5. Hands on experience on Digital tools like Adobe Illustration, Product Life Cycle Management (PLM),3D softwares, etc enabled Design and development process.
  6. Assignments, Submissions and Assessments to give industry like exposure.