Today the Apparel Industry is faced with this particular challenge of completing design and development process in a fast pace with multiple collaboration with the stakeholders on right time and quickly. Key to succeeding in each of these areas is the implementation of a systematic process. This Is where we, Fast fashion solutions have come up with an exclusive and comprehensive tool DCM, or DIGITAL CONTENT MANAGEMENT.
We have developed this product after years of research and our main focus is to help the small-scale industry units specifically in the fashion industry to go inline with the global requirements and pace. Our main focus is to successfully collaborate multiple stakeholders involved to speed up the design and development process and reduce the lead time and cost.


  • Accelerate time to market for design and development process
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation
  • Reduce cost and margins
  • Gain transparency in collaboration

How our DCM helps?

  • Single Design & Development Dashboard to collaborate all the stake holders communicate in real time
  • Effective reusability of product data to reduce samples and cost of the product.
  • Faster time-to-market, increased process visibility and enhanced traceability.
  • Web based system with subscription model.